Full Shade Curtains 52" x 84"


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1. Each package includes 2pcs curtains. The measurement size of each curtain is 52*84 inches. The overall size of the set is 104*84 inches. Because of the grommets, the curtains on the suspension will have a wave shape. The total width should be 1.5 times of the width of the window to ensure that the entire window can be completely covered
2. Each curtain has 8 grommets of 1.6 inches diameter, which can be used with standard or decorative curtain poles. Each curtain is matched with a strap to fix
3. Adopting three-layer braiding and ultraviolet semi-fiber technology, it can block 85% to 99% sun's ray (dark colors perform better), reduce the sun's ultraviolet damage to your furniture, floors and artwork, and reduce 10-20fb noise
4. The thermal insulation design can help your room resist the cold air in winter and the outdoor heat in summer, saving you the heating and cooling costs. At the same time, it protects your privacy
5. The fabric is soft and easy to clean, which can be machine washed in cold water and rolled dry, making your life easier and more convenient. Quick ironing or steam cleaning at low temperatures can eliminate wrinkles caused by packaging. When the curtains are hung, these wrinkles will disappear
6. If you have any questions, please contact us for our sincere service
7. Only two curtains and two straps are included in the package, not including a crossbar 

1. Material: 100% Dacron
2. Color: Dark Gray,Khaki,Black
3. Dimensions: 52" x 84"
4. Grommets Quantity: 8Pcs per Curtain
5. Grommet Inner Diameter: 1.6"
6. Weight: 55.73oz / 1580g

Package Includes:
2 x Curtains
2 x Tieback